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10 − 13 May 2018, Guangzhou

Enping Microphone Hall

Hall 8.1

Exhibitors in alphabetical order

As of 16 February 2017

Company name Booth no.
Betterway Electronic Co Ltd 8.1J28
Boge Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1H80
Boyong Acoustic Equipment Manufactory 8.1D50
Enping Ai Lun He Sai Professional Audio Equipment Factory 8.1C29
Enping Aobao Audio Co Ltd 8.1A02
Enping Baikaler Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1A16
Enping Best-Audio Equipment Factory 8.1J62
Enping Carlpool Electronic Factory 8.1A56
Enping City Aoqi Electronics Technology Co Ltd 8.1D09
Enping City Lihua Electronic Products Factory 8.1D20
Enping City Mengcart Audio Co Ltd 8.1J56
Enping City Yili Electric Factory 8.1J06
Enping Dibao Electronic Factory 8.1J16
Enping Disilang Audio Equipment Factory 8.1A10
Enping Fangge Acoustics Technology Co Ltd 8.1G51
Enping Feiteer Audio Equipment Factory 8.1C80
Enping GECE Professional Audio Equipment Factory 8.1A06
Enping Hongke Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1H20
Enping Hongyun Audio Equipment Factory 8.1A39
Enping Huage Audio Equipment Factory 8.1G50
Enping Huasheng Electronic Factory 8.1A19
Enping Hunan Dragon Audio Equipment Factory 8.1H62
Enping Jin Bai Ling Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1C69
Enping Jinjue Electronics Co Ltd 8.1A30
Enping Jintao Electronic Equipment Factory 8.1A68
Enping JXL Microphone Factory 8.1C52
Enping Karsect Electronics Co Ltd 8.1H50
Enping Kunyue Electronic Technology Co Ltd 8.1D37
Enping Le Yin Electronics Factory 8.1J68
Enping Libo Electronic Factory 8.1A13
Enping Lingte Electronic Technology Co Ltd 8.1D28
Enping Macarden Electronics Factory 8.1C38
Enping Onrer Audio Equipment Factory 8.1J02
Enping Ougemic Electronic Co Ltd 8.1G65
Enping Pengfei Audio Appliance Factory 8.1C81
Enping Rongsheng Sound Equipment Factory 8.1A08
Enping Ruoca Electronics Co Ltd 8.1G32
Enping Sange Electronic Co Ltd 8.1G20
Enping SanRen Electronic Equipment Factory 8.1D38
Enping Senka Electronic Technology Co Ltd 8.1J65
Enping Shenghang Sound Equipment Factory 8.1H26
Enping Shenglei Audio Equipment Factory 8.1G62
Enping Shengyi Electronic Co Ltd 8.1A11
Enping Tianlang Electro-acoustic Equipment Co Ltd 8.1A01
Enping Wanlihui Electric Wire and Cable Co Ltd 8.1H68
Enping Xianyin Electronics Co Ltd 8.1G68
Enping Yadeng Audio Equipment Factory 8.1C13
Enping Yeamic Electronics Co Ltd 8.1G38
Enping Yinyu Electronic Technology Co Ltd 8.1C68
Enping Yongfeng Audio Equipment Factory 8.1C09
Gabriel Electronic Sound Equipment Factory 8.1D68
Gaopin Professional (Enping) Co Ltd 8.1A03
Gowers 8.1A26
GREIS 8.1A25
GSON Electronic Equipment Factory 8.1A80
Guangdong Enping Junteng Audio Technology Co Ltd 8.1H16
Guangzhou Harmonic Electronic Co Ltd Enping Licheng Branch 8.1J20
H1 Audio Equipment Factory 8.1C28
HAIF 8.1J50
Joseph Industrial Equipment Co Ltd 8.1J32
Kemei Electronics Factory 8.1D80
Li Feng Professional Audio Co Ltd 8.1D10
Longfei Professional Audio Equipment Factory Enping City 8.1D27
Produced Enping Nosem Electronic Factory 8.1D57
RAIKES Professional Audio Equipment Product Factory 8.1A05
Samike Audio Factory 8.1G28
Settune (EnPing) Electronics & Electroacoustical Co Ltd 8.1A09
Shenglang Stereo Equipment Co Ltd 8.1H08
SMS Professional Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1C59
Sonar Sound Equipment Factory 8.1D79
Sparad Electronic Factory Enping City 8.1G53
TUM Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1H02
Voxpu 8.1C10, 8.1D58
Xin-ming Audio Equipment Factory 8.1B38
Xinyingke Electroacoustic Technology Co Ltd 8.1C20
Yalanshi Audio Equipment Co Ltd 8.1J60
Ying Di Sound Manufacture 8.1G80