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10 − 13 May 2018, Guangzhou

Lighting Hall

Hall 3.1 / 4.1 / 5.1

Exhibitors in alphabetical order

As of 16 February 2017

Company name Booth no.
Able Laser Technology Co Ltd 3.1D52
Baoding Huaige Hoisting Machinery Co Ltd 3.1F08
Beijing Viasho Technology Co Ltd 3.1D08
Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech Co Ltd 3.1A05
CODE Electronic Co Ltd 3.1H50
Coreat Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1B16
Delong Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1B52
Foshan Jian Xiang Performance Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd 3.1B28
Foshan Netdo Lighting Control Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A16
Foshan Yilin Stage Light Performing Equipment Co Ltd 3.1B68
G-Starlighting Co Ltd 3.1A31
Guangzhou AI MIN TE Lighting Ltd 3.1A29, 3.1H12
Guangzhou Allison Lighting Ltd 3.1H08
Guangzhou BaiQi Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 3.1G38
Guangzhou Baodeli Stage Light Equipment Factory 3.1A32
Guangzhou Baomashi Lighting & Audio Co Ltd 3.1C16
Guangzhou Bluemoon Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F52
Guangzhou Bo Yan Lighting Technology Co Ltd 3.1H60
Guangzhou CEE TV & Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D22
Guangzhou Chuangcheng Stage Lighting and Sound Equipment Ltd 3.1A71
Guangzhou Chuangyu Caster Factory 3.1H58
Guangzhou DeYuan Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1G56
Guangzhou Diffuse Calvin Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A61
Guangzhou Eagle Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D16
Guangzhou Frog Sports Ltd 3.1C68
Guangzhou Goldsun Stage Light Factory 3.1G20
Guangzhou Guoda Electronic Technology Development Co Ltd 3.1C52
Guangzhou HDE Audio Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F28
Guangzhou Hengri Light Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F16
Guangzhou Honghe Lighting Sound Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A63
Guangzhou Huipu Stage Effect Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D56
Guangzhou Jia Tian Light & Electricity Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F02
Guangzhou Jongtay Technology Co Ltd 3.1G58
Guangzhou Kai Shi Da Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1H16
Guangzhou Kaiyue Performance Equipment Manufacturing 3.1C36
Guangzhou Kinvee Performance Equipment Co Ltd 3.1G60
Guangzhou Knowhow Electronic Co Ltd 3.1G50
Guangzhou KONELITE Stage Lighting Manufactory 3.1C62
Guangzhou Laser Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 3.1A28
Guangzhou Lightful Stage Lighting & Sound Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D36
Guangzhou Lightstar Electronic Lighting Equipment Factory 3.1A08
Guangzhou Lisheng Stage Light Equipment Factory 3.1H38
Guangzhou Longdi Light Equipment Technology Co Ltd 3.1A72
Guangzhou Magubu Sound Co Ltd 3.1B12
Guangzhou Meizhixu Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 3.1B02
Guangzhou Mingtu Photoelectric Co Ltd 3.1F68
Guangzhou Novel Stage Lighting Manufacturer 3.1F56
Guangzhou Pin Yuan Performance Manufacturing Co Ltd 3.1C08
Guangzhou Popular Stage Light Equipment Factory 3.1G28
Guangzhou SANNEW LED Technology Co Ltd 3.1A15
Guangzhou Shi Bai Yun Looke Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A18
Guangzhou Shi Da Xin Electron Co Ltd 3.1A69
Guangzhou Shine Stage Performance Equipment Co Ltd 3.1C22
Guangzhou Siterui Stage Special Effect Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F57
Guangzhou Smart Group Co Ltd 3.1A52
Guangzhou Sute Lighting and Sound Equipment Co Ltd 3.1H22
Guangzhou Tai Yang Stage Lighting Co Ltd 3.1A01
Guangzhou Xiao Long Photoelectric Co Ltd 3.1D28
Guangzhou Xinlong Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A11
Guangzhou Yangshuo Stage Co Ltd 3.1F32
Guangzhou Yongda Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A35
Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co Ltd 3.1A55
Guangzhou Zenith Aurora Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1G08
GuangzhouShi Xingfa Performance Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D68
Jiangmen Xinhui Jinyu Furniture Factory 3.1B36
Kunshan Lightan Trading Co Ltd / Lighten Corp 3.1H28
Laseray 3.1B62
Mega LED Lighting Ltd 3.1B22
Ming Dian Sound Light Limited 3.1A56
Nightsun Pro Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 3.1D02
Roy Stage Light Co Ltd 3.1C55
RUIYA (HK) Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 3.1G68
Sanci Lighting Co Ltd 3.1H20
Shenzhen Colorful Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1F01
Shenzhen LAYU Laser Technology Co Ltd 3.1G02
Shenzhen Startimes Lighting Ltd 3.1B08
Shenzhen Xiangliang Electrology Co Ltd 3.1H62
ShowJockey Technology Co Ltd 3.1F60
Shunming Stage Lights 3.1B53
Tontron Photoelectric Co Ltd 3.1A22
Vesitian Lighting And Audio Ltd 3.1F20
Weifang Hongzhan Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A60
Weipu Electrical Appliance Co Ltd 3.1A19
WIDMX Technology Co Ltd 3.1A49
Yicheng Light Industry Ltd 3.1C56
Yu Young Stage Equipment Co Ltd 3.1A09
Zhongshan Carjet Casters Manufacturing Co Ltd 3.1H68
Zhuhai Xianglida Electronic S&T Co Ltd 3.1B60
Company name Booth no.
Aceda Professional Production Lighting Co Ltd 4.1C62
Angler (GZ) Stage Special Effect Equipment Factory 4.1F27
Anmingli Stage Lighting Manufacturer Co Ltd 4.1F22
Colorinfo LED Visual Ltd 4.1H31
CR Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 4.1D02
Dana Lighting 4.1B67
Dongguan Ingleby Mechanical Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A07
Electro Youth (Guangzhou) Pro Sound Co Ltd 4.1D08
Foshan Naihai Mingtian Lighting Co Ltd 4.1A11
Foshan Nanhai Xiang Huang Hardware Fittings Factory 4.1A25
Foshan Smart Truss Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H15
Foshan Speed Stage Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C20
Guangzhou Ao Mei Di Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C52
Guangzhou Aoma Electronic Co Ltd 4.1C08
Guangzhou Aomei Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A01
Guangzhou Artking (Disheng) Stage Lighting And Sound Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C28
Guangzhou Baisun Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A58
Guangzhou Baiyun District XGD Laser Stage Light Factory 4.1H02
Guangzhou Bright Dream Stage Light Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C07
Guangzhou Brightful Light & Audio Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H20
Guangzhou Chaoda Performance Equipment Factory 4.1D56
Guangzhou Chaoran Computer Co Ltd 4.1H66
Guangzhou Charming Lighting Co Ltd 4.1D16
Guangzhou Cinow Electronic Technology Co Ltd 4.1B62
Guangzhou Colorful Star Stage Lighting Co Ltd 4.1G68
Guangzhou Dance Night Stage Lighting Co Ltd 4.1F60
Guangzhou Danxin Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1F68
Guangzhou Easun Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 4.1A62
Guangzhou Ever Famous Electronic Co Ltd 4.1F08
Guangzhou Geling lighting 4.1A16
Guangzhou Gesida Light Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A52
Guangzhou HJ Stage Lighting & Audio Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H36
Guangzhou Hongri Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 4.1F69
Guangzhou HongXing Pro Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H58
Guangzhou Huizhiguang Stage Lighting Co Ltd 4.1F66
Guangzhou Jieshen Electronic Co Ltd 4.1C21
Guangzhou Jin Mingyuan Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1B58
Guangzhou Juyuan Electronic Products Co Ltd 4.1H82
Guangzhou Linly Lighting Co Ltd 4.1A68
Guangzhou Magical Laser Technology Co Ltd 4.1C56
Guangzhou Meidi Stage Light & Audio Co Ltd 4.1F52
Guangzhou Nebula Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C35
Guangzhou NECO Stage Lighting Factory 4.1C68
Guangzhou Polarlights Industrial Co Ltd 4.1F02
Guangzhou Purple Snow Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A19
Guangzhou Qianse Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 4.1D68
Guangzhou Rainbow Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C36
Guangzhou Sailighting Electronics Co Ltd 4.1A51
Guangzhou Shengxiang Audio Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A36
Guangzhou Spark Stage Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C02
Guangzhou Sunlight Stage Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A37
Guangzhou Teanma Stage Lighting Factory 4.1F01
Guangzhou Winpower Lighting Co Ltd 4.1A20
Guangzhou Xin Hua Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A28
Guangzhou Xinyu Stage Lighting Installation Factory 4.1F16
Guangzhou Yaguan Stage Lighting Equipment factory 4.1A15
Guangzhou Yin Lang Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1A35
Guangzhou Yuezhong Entertainment Device Co Ltd 4.1D62
Guangzhou Yuxuan Optoelectronic Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H25
Guangzhou Zhongxinlian Stage Photoelectric Equipment Factory 4.1C27
Heng Zhi Guang Science And Technology Lighting Factory 4.1D22
Jun Pro 4.1A29
Konuo Electronics Co Ltd 4.1F72
Kupo Shanghai Co Ltd 4.1H38
KXD Light Co Ltd 4.1G62
Li Feng Guangzhou Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 4.1F57
Lightspace 4.1A02
Mars Stage Lighting & Audio Equipment Co Ltd 4.1D28
MAYA Special Technology Equipment Co Ltd 4.1G52
Nicolaudie Group 4.1H08
OYA Laser (HK) Ltd 4.1D52
Shenzhen Emerson Laser Tech Co Ltd 4.1H68
Shenzhen Jiayunfeng Equipment Co Ltd 4.1C16
Shenzhen King Dong Yue Technology Co Ltd 4.1A65
Shenzhen Lanling Technology Co Ltd 4.1F36
Shenzhen Laserbeyond Technology Co Ltd 4.1G60
Shenzhen NanYu Laser Co Ltd 4.1A61
Shenzhen Norwei Electrical Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H12
Shenzhen Ruby Light Technology Co Ltd 4.1H16
Shenzhen Youeasy Electronic Technology Co Ltd 4.1B52
Teemlight International Ltd 4.1F28
Topo Stage Lighting and Equipment Company 4.1H76
Toppest Lighting 4.1D36
Twinkle Laser Technology Co Ltd 4.1H62
W&T International Ltd 4.1A08
Wuxi Lexin AV Equipment Co Ltd 4.1H32
Yiton Lighting & Audio Co Ltd 4.1C15
Zhongshan Hetong Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 4.1A66
Company name Booth no.
Arriba Product LLC 5.1 F18
Anycase Performance Equipment Co Ltd 5.1F28
Avant Sports Industrial Co Ltd 5.1A30
Besch Lights 5.1A31
Betterway Lighting Co Ltd 5.1G08
Big Dipper Laser Science & Technology Co Ltd 5.1C02
Foshan Baicheng Building Materials Co Ltd 5.1F30
Foshan Great Truss Equipment Co Ltd 5.1D56
Foshan Nanhai Jiafuda Metal Products Co Ltd 5.1A61
Foshan Shining Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1D22
Foshan Shunde Duocaitang Tent Co Ltd 5.1H52
GP Lighting Technology Co Ltd 5.1A51
Guangzhou Baiyun District Shijing Changyuan Stage Light Equipment Factory 5.1F56
Guangzhou Chaojin Metal Products Co Ltd 5.1A19
Guangzhou Dier Professional Lighting Equipment Factory 5.1H02
Guangzhou Diffuse Calvin Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 5.1H56, 5.1H58
Guangzhou EPE Truss 5.1F52
Guangzhou Fengwu Lighting Sound Equipment Limited 5.1A05
Guangzhou Flystar Lighting Co Ltd 5.1F08
Guangzhou Guangying Stage Light 5.1D62
Guangzhou Halance Technology Co Ltd 5.1H04
Guangzhou Hi-ltte Electronics Technology Co Ltd 5.1C28
Guangzhou Hisun Stage Light Co Ltd 5.1D36
Guangzhou HuaYing Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 5.1D55
Guangzhou Imote Technology Co Ltd 5.1H62
Guangzhou Kimu Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd
Guangzhou Laisi Stage Lighting & Audio Equipment Factory 5.1A28
Guangzhou Maigao Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co Ltd 5.1H76
Guangzhou Maxim Stage Lighting & Audio Equipment Co Ltd 5.1A09
Guangzhou Minghao Electronic Technology Co Ltd 5.1A22
Guangzhou New Feel Lighting And Audio Equipments Co Ltd 5.1C36
Guangzhou Qianrui Light Equipment Co Ltd 5.1H78
Guangzhou Qianse Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 5.1A23
Guangzhou QiLi Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 5.1A32
Guangzhou Quansheng Stage Light Equipment Factory 5.1C16
Guangzhou Redsun Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 5.1C22
Guangzhou Richa Sound And Light Equipment Limited 5.1A36
Guangzhou Sgaier Truss Co Ltd 5.1A02
Guangzhou Shengyue Stage Lighting Co Ltd 5.1D68
Guangzhou Shinelight Stage Equipment Factory 5.1A52
Guangzhou Show Light Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G62
Guangzhou Skypro Lighting Equipment Factory 5.1B22
Guangzhou Taifeng Electronics Co Ltd 5.1H68
Guangzhou Very-lite Equipment Co Ltd 5.1A56
Guangzhou Win Light Electric Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G68
Guangzhou Xinghai Stage Lighting Equipment Factory 5.1B60
Guangzhou Xuanli Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G16
Guangzhou Yalight Equipment Co Ltd 5.1B52
Guangzhou Yaoxing Optical Ltd 5.1H06
Guangzhou Ye Liang Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd 5.1A33
Guangzhou Yi Rui Stage Lighting Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G28
Guangzhou Youming Enterprise Co Ltd 5.1A68
GZ Leahua Light Co Ltd 5.1G12
Hitshow 5.1A70
HK Ousineng Lighting Science and Technology Co Ltd 5.1F58
HM 5.1H36
Hunan Caixu Technology Development Co Ltd 5.1A16
Hunan Yes Tech Optoelectric Co Ltd 5.1D08
Jingzhirui Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G60
Kary Gifts Enterprises Co Ltd 5.1C55
Kvant Ltd 5.1D02
Lamavita International Corp Ltd 5.1F36
Laserworld (Asia) Co Ltd 5.1D16
Lifog Lighting and Effects Ltd 5.1H18
Longman International Group Co Ltd 5.1F02
Matsufu Electronics Distribution Company 5.1G17
Minar lllumination Electronic Ltd 5.1H12
MJ Lighting Co Ltd 5.1A29
Nanjing Kangni Technology Industry Co Ltd 5.1A55
Ningbo Xinmai Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G36
Ningbo YunYao Stage Equipment Co Ltd 5.1H66
Rack In The Cases Ltd 5.1F12
RATstands 5.1F16
Reverie Maak Pvt Ltd 5.1A07
Shanghai Xincheng Rubber and Plastic Electic Wire Factory 5.1G29
Shenzhen Cily Rui Wisdom of Science and Technology Co Ltd 5.1F22
Shenzhen Hongkai Laser Technology Co Ltd 5.1B56
Shenzhen iFountain Technology Ltd 5.1H16
Shenzhen Jirui Optoelectronic Co Ltd 5.1H60
Shenzhen Kolo Laser Equipment Co Ltd 5.1G20
Shenzhen Meixingchen Stage Lighting Technology Co Ltd 5.1H72
Shenzhen Staray Laser Technology Co Ltd 5.1A11
Showtacle Ltd 5.1F34
Sololighting Technology Co Ltd 5.1A72
Superb Tent Co Ltd 5.1H22
Super-can Industry Growing Co Ltd 5.1G02
Taizhou Innovation, Film and Television Equipment Co Ltd 5.1F22
Topfinger Equipment (Shenzhen) Co Ltd 5.1G56
Toptruss Performance Equipment Co Ltd 5.1C52
Universal Case and Truss Co Ltd 5.1B28
Vello Light Co Ltd 5.1C62
WIDMX Technology Co Ltd 5.1A59
Xiangsheng 5.1B36
Ye Guang Lighting 5.1H10
Zhangjiagang Rainbow Confetti Co Ltd 5.1H70
Zhejiang Bestsea Technology Co Ltd 5.1G33
Zhejiang DGX Technology Co Ltd 5.1D28
Zhejiang Shuangniao Machinery Co Ltd 5.1G50