Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2020 KV (small stage)
19 – 22 February 2020 Guangzhou, China more info

Thematic Halls & Zones

A full spectrum of audio and lighting equipment and technologies through 13 thematic halls and zones

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Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2019 (PLSG19) continued to uphold its position as a comprehensive industry platform through featuring a whole spectrum of products from the sectors of pro audio, lighting, stage equipment, KTV, parts & accessories, communication & conferencing, as well as projection & display.

Highlight I: Communication & conferencing


Go live, go connected.

As part of the Chinese government's initiative to build a conservation-oriented society, real-time communication for trainings and meetings is being emphasised.

The 2019 edition featured a whole array of conference systems, networks, as well as AV and communication systems that incorporate these changing industry requirements, enabling you to keep abreast of the latest industry advancements.

Highlight II: Karaoke and home theatre


Unique entertainment experience

As more and more consumers pursue a personalised entertainment experience both at home and outdoors, the demand for multi-functional karaoke rooms and mini theatres is growing at a staggering rate.

To help exhibitors capture the astounding growth across both residential and commercial entertainment markets, the special zone “Theatre K. Pub” will return with an innovative showcase of customised installations, high-quality karaoke systems, home theatres and karaoke kiosks.