Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2020 KV (small stage)
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2018 Events Review


The 2-day course has provided a total solution for technical professionals and industry players to participate in the production of music festivals.The course explored the following 2 areas:
1. Planning and Organisation
2. Technical Applications

Training Course Videos


Audinate offered the first-ever Dante Certification Level 3 Training in China for system designers, engineers and industry players to learn about advanced Dante Networking concperts and techniques.

Training Course Videos

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The live demo programme gathered 34 international and domestic professional audio brands showcased the qualities of their audio systems in real time.Demonstrate their astounding audio systems in an outdoor professional concert setting.


Audio experts shared their insights and findings on the use of audiovisual technology in the era of converging media, applications and technology trends of loudspeakers and the audio technology progress in China.


This forum provided audience a platform for exchange of ideas on international TV lighting technologies. Experts of TV and stage lighting production from China and overseas are invited to share their work in prominent gala dinners, and to discuss about the development of 4K TV lighting applications. 


The 1st Live Mixing Contest Finals took place at the show to crown the new generation’s mixing masters. Spectators had the opportunity to enjoy the live sound mixing techniques performed by uprising talents in China, and attended the accompanying Live Sound Mixing Forum.