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Events Review 2021

PLSG Annual Training Course

The course provided a comprehensive and high quality education platform for professionals, associations and media to explore the latest technologies, development trends and marketing strategies. Industry peers had learnt more about practical applications of the “Tech meets culture” concept through seminars, panel discussions and product demonstrations.

3 main training themes:

  • Next Level for Audio and Visual
  • Dante Training and System Demo
  • Light Beyond Lighting

Stage structures and loudspeaker systems were demonstrated at the outdoor areas of 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0, providing an impression of how the equipment could be effectively deployed in outdoor settings.

2021活动回顾 - 粤舞粤美——沉浸式互动展《机械的诗•新宁铁路立体展》

The showcase follows the story of the first railway to be built in the country using Chinese capital. Combining the storyline with new media technologies associated with stage machinery, lighting installation, digital media art and more, this unique period of history will be presented in an immersive 3D format.  

2021活动回顾 - 光影艺术空间

The showcase brought interactive multimedia, stage technology, lighting installations and new media art together. Adopting a “Light beyond lighting” theme, the showcase demonstrated how to combine stage designs and exhibitor equipment for optimal effects and to deliver a boundless visual experience even in a limited venue space, inviting audiences to open up their imagination about the future.


The first large-scale indoor staging demonstration to take place at PLSG spanning over 1,000 sqm. Combining art and event technology, the stage delivered unique entertainment, cultural and multisensory experiences, including a 15-minute stage performance every hour to visualise how elements of water were integrated to reflect the beauty and “emotions” of the four seasons and a live DJ and singer performances each afternoon. In addition to the onstage entertainment, the backstage and console areas were opened to fairgoers, providing participants with a “behind the scenes” understanding of the production.